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Legacy Green Solutions Installation ProcessPutting Greens Professionally installed in Tempe, AZ

Legacy Green Solutions
Installation Process


  • Remove existing grass or rock (if necessary)
  • Curbing or edging is installed (if necessary)
  • Cap off existing sprinkler lines (if necessary)
  • Spray area to deter grass regrowth (if grass was removed)
  • Place cloth weed barrier over area
  • Install decomposed granite (DG)
  • Compact DG
  • Install turf or putting green
  • Finish seams (if applicable)
  • Hand chisel edges of turf (nails may be used when appropriate)
  • Place infill on grass (combination of sand and recycled rubber or synthetic infill)
  • Rake and power-broom infill into place
  • Clean up area


Each turf installation is unique, so the process may vary slightly.  However, this is the process you may usually expect.  Please feel free to ask our Project Manager if you have questions during the installation.