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Is it easy to keep a Tempe fake grass installation clean? With Tempe, Arizona 's hot summers and cold winter nights, there's no better way to have a nice-looking lawn that's also good for the environment than clean artificial turf.

No more pulling weeds, fertilizing, edging, and mowing on the weekends. Instead, you will wake up to a beautiful yard every day of the year.

Luxury Turf can help if you want to put fake grass in your front or back yard. We are experts at installing Tempe artificial turf and backyard putting greens, but we also offer other high-quality artificial turf services.


How To Clean Fake Grass In My Yard?

Artificial grass is a simple, low-maintenance way to keep your yard looking great all year. Even though turf is much easier to take care of than regular grass, there are still a few things you should do regularly to keep it looking and smelling its best.

Like natural grass, you can use a rake to pick up leaves and other big things that may have fallen in your yard. If your fake grass gets dusty, give it a quick rinse with water twice a week.

Use a hose to clean the area immediately to keep stains from showing up on your fake grass. There's no need for strong cleaners, but you can use turf deodorizer to treat smelly spots. Below, we'll tell pet owners how to clean up pet urine and waste.


How Often Do You Clean Artificial Grass?

Regular cleaning will make your artificial grass last longer and be more resilient by preventing dirt and bacteria buildup. We suggest rinsing it once a week if your yard receives a lot of use or is dusty.

If pets or youngsters don't use your grass often, once a month will do. Also, if your yard doesn't have a lot of fallen leaves, flowers, and rubbish, you can wash your windows less often.

Four times a year, clean your turf to keep it healthy. Raking, removing garbage, brushing, and rinsing will extend its life. This may seem like a lot of labor, but you only have to do it a few times a year instead of a few times a month with conventional grass.


How To Keep Fake Grass Looking Brand New?

Luxury Turf's artificial turf eliminates the need to mow your lawn. Outside work, no weeds to pluck, gas stops, or strong chemical scents. To keep your fake grass appearing new for years, discover the key.

No need to kneel with a little brush. You'll need a big natural-bristled broom to brush your new lawn carpet. You can move the sand infill that holds the grass in place by brushing artificial grass strands, making your lawn look like genuine grass.

You can't brush for three months after the first installation, but you can brush once a month. Brush the grass in different directions to keep it fresh.


Best Tempe Artificial Turf Installation


Get The Best Tempe Artificial Turf Installation and Care From With Luxury Turf

Pet owners should use Luxury Turf fake grass as our artificial grass is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and safe for kids and pets because it has no pesticides or chemicals.

Cleaning the fake grass in your yard is fast, simple, and inexpensive. Like cleaning the inside of your home, it's better to clean a little bit every day than to clean a lot less often but more thoroughly. Regular cleaning will keep your fake grass looking great all year long.


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