Tempe Artificial Grass. How Fake Grass Cares For Children

Tempe Artificial Grass. How Fake Grass Cares For Children

Children need time spent on playgrounds to develop normally, but unfortunately, not all playgrounds have safe surfaces for play. However, contrary to popular belief, some dangers are associated with using natural grass.

This explains why parks with synthetic turf are becoming so common. Find out why Luxury Turf artificial grass is a better option than natural grass for Tempe playgrounds.


Reasons Why Playgrounds Shouldn't Use Natural Grass

The lack of grass padding isn't the only risk, though. Here are some other ways it threatens playground safety.

Children who are allergic to pollen may experience allergic reactions to grassy playgrounds. In addition, puddles full of bacteria are common in playgrounds with grass flooring because water takes its time draining in the soil.

Children's shoes can cause the grass to become uneven, increasing the likelihood of someone tripping and falling.

Because of its ability to grow to a height of up to 10 inches, tall, natural grass can conceal rocks, metal, and broken grass.


Why Are Luxury Turf Artificial Grass Playgrounds Safe?

The American Society for Testing and Materials has tested and approved premium artificial grass as safe (ASTM).

Because of this certification, the turf has been tested and proven to meet industry standards for vertical, shock absorption, and head impact attenuation. These safety features are critical for avoiding harm.

The artificial turf base is cushioned for added comfort. When children fall or slip on it, the padding on its surface reduces the severity of injuries such as broken bones and concussions.

This makes it ideal for use on playground structures such as monkey bars and jungle gyms, where children can hone their climbing skills.

Insects, rodents, snakes, and birds are drawn to playgrounds with natural grass.

Children are at risk when they play in or near these areas. Insects and other pests are not drawn to artificial grass because it does not provide a food source or a haven.

There will be no pests and no weeds, and the playground will still look great if you plant grass.

It can thrive without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides. As a result, children are not at risk of these toxic chemicals.


More Benefits of Luxury Turf Fake Grass

Pollen, insects, dirt, and dust are not allergens in artificial grass. That means there will be no allergic reactions from children who play on it. The parents or guardians nearby are in the same situation.

Water drains more quickly and easily through artificial grass than natural grass because of its porous construction. Germs and bacteria cannot breed on their surface because it does not collect puddles of dirty water.

When wet, artificial turf keeps none of the inherent slipperiness of natural grass. Instead, it provides some traction, reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling. So, despite the rain, it is safe for children to play on.


Put Safety First In Your Public Playground With Artificial Grass.

Are you considering installing artificial grass in your playground? Luxury Turf guarantees a quick and painless installation.

For playgrounds, we only use the best artificial grass. You can provide these safety benefits in your play area. Discuss your desires with us.

Are you ready to take the plunge and install artificial turf on the playground? Then, when you hire Luxury Turf the job will be completed quickly and without incident.

We only use the highest quality artificial turf for playgrounds. So you don't have to be concerned because your playground will include all these safety features and more. So talk to us about your options.


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