Pick Premium Fake Grass Installation. Tempe Artificial Turf

Pick Premium Fake Grass Installation. Tempe Artificial Turf

The most high-quality synthetic turf will make your yard lively and colorful. Do you long for a verdant lawn but lack the resources or time to maintain one where you currently live?

Having the best Tempe artificial grass installation done in your backyard will give it the style and functionality you want with very little upkeep.

The ideal synthetic grass for your yard depends on your specific preferences and requirements.

It's possible that you, your dog, or another pet, may prefer synthetic grass that mimics the sight and feel of natural grass. However, in some states, such as Arizona, heat and dryness cause using artificial turf that can withstand temperatures far into the 100s.

Experts in artificial turf installations in Tempe, including those at Luxury Turf, are discussed here.


Types of Artificial Turf for Tempe Fake Grass Installation

There are typically three varieties of synthetic turf available. Each is a bit unique regarding durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each significant category below before making a purchase that will affect your home and way of life the most positively.

Nylon is the longest-lasting type of artificial turf today. It can withstand monsoon season in Arizona, when it rains heavily and is extremely hot, without deteriorating.

Walking barefoot on fake nylon grass is uncomfortable because of its rigidness. People who want the appearance of grass but won't play on it or want a grassy area solely for their pets may benefit most from this solution.

Polypropylene is another form of artificial turf that looks better than it operates. This inexpensive material may quickly cover a large area, but its usefulness is short-lived.

Extreme temperatures, pets, and foot traffic can all destroy polypropylene grass. So unless you're putting this artificial turf in a model home in a climate where the weather is pleasant year-round, it might not be the ideal choice for your backyard.

The most realistic-looking synthetic grass on the market is produced from polyethylene. It's one of the best artificial grasses since it looks and feels like natural grass.

This is an excellent choice for Arizona homeowners because it doesn't require watering or mowing but appears like natural grass.

You may optimize your fake grass in various ways, regardless of the type you choose.


Custom Artificial Turf Installation

You can customize your artificial grass installation to your specifications by swapping out various components.

Pile Height.

How tall your synthetic grass is can be determined by its pile height. That is, the artificial grass on a backyard putting green is cut significantly shorter than that used for a sports field.


The grass on your lawn can be any shade of green you desire, or you can be creative by adding patterns or other colors. In addition, daycares and public spaces like pools could benefit from artificial grass in nontraditional colors.

Anti-UV coating.

Must-have for any artificial grass that will be installed outdoors, but especially important for residents of states like Arizona, where summers can reach triple digits.


Fire-resistant artificial grass is a must-have for residents in dry, tropical climates or those that plan to use their backyards for barbecuing.

Resistance to high temperatures.

Check for fake grass can withstand high temperatures so it won't melt in the summer if you live in the southeastern or southwestern United States.

Resistant to stains.

Stain-resistant artificial grass will keep your lawn looking great for years to come, regardless of how many barbecues you throw, pets you let out, or children you let run wild.


Luxury Turf In Tempe, AZ, For Best Artificial Turf For Backyard Installation

Luxury Turf sells high-quality artificial turf to make your home or business look better.

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