How Does Fake Grass Cope With Heat? Tempe Artificial Turf

How Does Fake Grass Cope With Heat? Tempe Artificial Turf

If you live in Tempe, Arizona, you may be concerned about installing fake grass in your home because of the recent statewide heat wave that has caused power outages and record-high temperatures.

Fortunately, your Luxury Turf will not melt even when temperatures reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Find out how your Tempe artificial grass lawn performs in the heat by reading this helpful guide.


Why Tempe Artificial Grass Never Melts

Most modern artificial grass is made from nylon or polyethylene, both of which have relatively high melting temperatures. The melting point of artificial grass is usually between 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit, though this might vary by brand and model.

So long as there are people on Earth, the artificial grass in your Tempe yard is safe from the damaging effects of either intense heat or sunlight. Turf melt is probably the least of our worries at the end of the world or if the sun suddenly becomes a murderous laser and the outdoors are no longer safe to enter.


Can Artificial Turf Melt By Any Means?

Turf may melt if temperatures get to 175 degrees or greater, which can occur in two different scenarios.

Using charcoal grills on artificial grass might cause the grass to melt. Setting up a barbecue on a fake lawn is not a good idea. Talk to the BBQ installers about the best spot to put it if you plan to use it often.

With artificial grass in Tempe, Arizona, and a gas grill, you can cook safely without worrying about hot embers falling on the grass and burning anyone. If you're a grilling enthusiast, keep this in mind when planning your outside space so you can install a grill in a location where the heat won't damage the artificial turf.

Another common cause of melted turf is sunlight streaming in through nearby windows. However, this also doesn't occur frequently.

Specific models of low-energy windows are the only ones where a rare phenomenon occurs.

The outside glass of these windows has been treated with material reflecting heat radiation, lowering the inside temperature.

Unfortunately, the windows are a significant problem. Vinyl cladding and automobiles have melted because of the reflections from low-energy windows. You do not have a low-quality product if your artificial grass melts. Some materials also have minimal tolerance for time and can't be left in temperatures of 175 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for too long.

To prevent your grass from turning to mush in the summer heat, it is essential to plan your landscaping such that grass is not near any windows.


Get Help With Fake Grass

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