Backyard Putting Green Grass Care. Tempe Artificial Grass

Backyard Putting Green Grass Care. Tempe Artificial Grass

It's great that you can use your backyard and put green for so much of the year. However, with the right care and maintenance, your artificial grass can keep looking as good as it did the day it was installed, down to the performance features you picked.

You won't need to worry about losing ground during the "off-season" because of a lack of practice. When you need your green, it will be there. Maintenance tips for your artificial grass putting green are available from Luxury Turf in Tempe, Arizona.


What's Up with the Man-Made Grass and Rain in Tempe?

The chances of rain occurring are high, but your artificial grass putting green won't mind one bit. We guarantee that your green will dry quickly because of the expert installation and high-quality turf provided by Luxury Turf. Better than using actual grass.

When the rain stops, it dries quick. You can let the rain inspire you to keep working or use it as an excuse to take a break. If your significant other also has a penchant for golf, you might enlist their help by having them hold a massive umbrella. Position switches are possible.


Upkeep of Backyard Putting Green

Maintaining a putting green is like caring for an artificial grass lawn, despite the difference in purpose. Simple upkeep is all that's required to keep it running smoothly.

  • Leaves, twigs, and whatever else may fall on it must be removed.
  • If the weather is dry, dust may settle on the ground. It might not look so good right now, but a good hosing down will do the trick.
  • Make sure to sweep it regularly with a broom or a power brush with stiff bristles to keep it clean (especially if you have longer apron turf). If you want a smooth finish, use a roller.
  • Inspecting the putting green regularly will help you spot any issues early on, such as a lifted edge or a sly weed growing along the edge. The weeds here are the kind that can be removed manually.

Feel free to contact us if you're experiencing any minor problems with your Luxury Turf. Then, if you perform regular maintenance, your putting green will look as good as new for many seasons.

This maintenance is an obvious choice compared to the effort required to travel to and from a golf course or driving range. Nothing more than a few minutes of your time is required.


Installing Premium Artificial Grass Putting Green

Artificial turf putting greens require regular inspection and rejuvenation to function correctly.

All the other green plants will benefit from your special attention to your greenery.


It takes a Luxury Turf crew a day to:

  • The removal of litter.
  • Evaluating the putting green filling service material.
  • Assess any damage to the edge and fix it if necessary.
  • A putting green requires sand to be dispersed over the surface after it has been rolled out.
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Go around the perimeter of the green and brush the grass.


Creating a Golf Practice Area in Your Yard Using Premium Grass

We recommend you schedule a tune-up at least twice a year to keep your garden in top shape and extend its life. As a result, you can get simple tasks done while waiting around. And give us a ring if you ever think your lawn could use expert help.

You can contact Luxury Turf here, and a staff member will be in touch. In addition, you can complete the minor form below if you need a quick response.

In addition, you can check our backyard artificial grass installation photo gallery.

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